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Dartmoor National Park


A wonderful and exhilarating place, Dartmoor’s 386 square miles of moorland was establish as a Nation Park in 1951. Explore the highest granite hilltops or tors on foot or tackle the steepest hills on your bike. Enjoy a hack over the moor on horseback, brave a cold dip while wild swimming, try out kayaking and climbing or enjoy a sedate day fishing; there are so many options for exploring Dartmoor National Park!

Dartmoor really does have something for everyone; history lovers can explore castle ruins and learn about local myths and legends on guided walks. Families have plenty of exciting attractions to choose from, while there’s lots of opportunities for picnics, streams to build dams and off course letter boxing. Bring a pad, pencil and stamp and enjoy leaving messages in the boxes hidden around the tors.

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